"OFW are illiterate and flirt,Ugly and Worthless Human Being" post by Baiyln Utto..

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Overseas Filipino Workers are considered as modern hero. They sacrifice being apart from their loved ones to sustain their families financial needs. Working abroad is never that easy. You will need to adjust to the environment as well as your employer and co-workers who came from different countries or locals.

Home sick is one of their number on enemy, crying at night and thinking about their family being left.

But despite all of these things and sacrifices, there are still people who underestimate the work of an OFW.

According to a certain Baiyln Utto, OFW’s are illiterate and flirty. She accused OFWs as ugly and to sum it all, worthless being!

She compared herself to OFWs and claimed that she is beautiful and working in the office.

Take a look at her post:

But a certain netizen claimed that the picture is not actually the user of that facebook account, she just used the pic to hide her identity.

source: kwentong ofw


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