People Laughed at Their Pitiful Wedding Cake- But the story behind is so Inspiring!...


A couple got into marraiage but don't have enough budget for reception expenses. A celebration is always accompanied with delicious cakes.

In fact, they were so poor that all they could afford to serve as wedding cake – which is supposed to be the centerpiece of the wedding reception – is a 3-tier sandwich bread ‘cake’!

People laughed at their pitiful cake, with many even commenting how they were not fit to get married if they could not even afford to buy a cake – yet these people must have forgotten that a wedding is not really about the cake or even about how much the couple is spending on the celebration because it is the love that they have for each other that is actually the most important part of the wedding!

After all, what is a grand celebration if the next days you have nothing to eat?

Thankfully, netizens on social media understood the importance of the couple’s union over the cake; thus, this cake was transformed from being pitiful to becoming a very inspiring one!

Yes, it was not grand but was just very simple yet it held more meaning than the grandest cakes in an empty, loveless marriage…

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