READ NOW: Canadian Man"Filipino at Heart"shares Inspiring Story of Filipino Values!


The Philippines is so blessed with many Beautiful features that made more tourists to come back again, starting from our delicious foods, beautiful scenery and of course the filipino attitude that is remarkable all over the world, Hospitable.

A Canadian man named Kyle Jennerman 27 years old, who is a proud ""filipino at heart". First impression lasts that is a saying though sometimes proven to be true. Kyle made to love Philippines for the kindness and hospitality of filipinos.

A simple act of an old lady made him to love Philippines and see the difference of kindness than any material thing.

A young lady offered him a seat together with his friends, as he thought the old lady will just ignore them, he feel ashamed at first,then shock after an old lady offered them a seat.

"I am telling you right now,this is the kind of stuff that needs to be shared around the world.
This is the kind of simple beauty i cant get enough of here in the Philippines... Especially in the provinces.The kind of simple beauty that inspires me so much"he added.


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