Actually, it’s not just the iPhone which starts malfunctioning during very cold temperature.   According to a test done by Finland’s MikroPC on 15 cell phones regarding how cell phones would fare in increasingly cold weather,  ‘all of them eventually failed once they got cold enough.’

According to them, “the first to stop working was the iPhone 4S, which died at 14 degrees. The Samsung Galaxy II lasted the longest, not shutting down until the temperature reached -31 degrees.  Your smartphone might not sense your touch, the battery dies faster and, if it’s cold enough, the thing just shuts off.”

Global News of Toronto also ran an experiment recently to see how iPhones would react to the cold by taking two iPhones of the same model and leaving one outside in the cold where temps barely edged above zero Fahrenheit and the other one inside. Thirty minutes later, results yielded the following:  “the iPhone that was inside had gone from 100 percent battery life to 99 percent, while the one left in the cold dropped from 100 to 86 percent. When they tried to use the cold iPhone, it shut off.”

Apple suggests the following via its website:  

 – Use your (4th generation or later) iPhone ONLY in environments between 32º and 95º F, since “low- or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to alter its behavior to regulate its temperature.

–  If the temperature drops below 32º, your best bet is to keep your phone turned off and stored somewhere warmer. It’ll probably still work though — so you can take your chances. But when the temperature gets crazy low, falling below -4º, put it away. (You should also store it when the mercury tops 113º F.)

 The best way  to keep your iPhone warm during cold weather is to keep it close to your body and make sure to use a case.  Don’t leave it sitting on your desk since you may need to warm it up first before you can use it or to answer a call. Avoid checking or using your iPhone so much when you’re outdoors and it’s extremely cold.

source: kicker daily news

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