RECORD BREAKER: 21,000 Drug Users and Pushers Surrender in Just 12 days of Pres. Duterte Presidency!


President Rodrigo Duterte ,winner of the twenty-sixteen May elections by a landslide of sixteen million votes.

His platform mainly focused on self-imposed deadline of suppressing corruption, crime and drugs within three to six months.

His iron-fisted, no-frills, no-holds-barred brand of leadership is on a course of bringing the much needed genuine change in the impoverished country.

Barely two weeks in public office, he has already vigorously shaken up the criminal and political landscape of the one-hundred and one million population.

His vow to cleanse and eliminate the streets of drug personalities has resulted to what may be the "World's Largest Drug Surrenderees!"

Twenty-one thousand drug criminals peacefully and voluntarily surrendered themselves to the police and politicians. Law enforcers and makers were no exemption to justice and order.

Surprise drug tests within the ranks and regional offices of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were conducted. The maverick president named five police generals by surprise on live television during the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force.

source: Pinoyspeak

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