Shan Cai Twitter account got suspended after the result of UN Tribunal Ruling- Must Read!


Shan Cai, or Barbie Hsu in real life, is a Taiwanese actress who became widely known after she appeared in a TV drama Meteor Garden which debuted in the Philippines last 2003.

After the UN Tribunal announce its result regarding the issue of Philippines and China, she expresses her opinion in her twitter account and got shortly suspended.

The actress caught Twitter’s attention after she posted via the social media platform how China and the Philippines should obtain peace.

Her exact tweet was this: “Let there be peace between China and the Philippines. Mahal kita!”
The specific tweet gained at least 2,600 retweets as well as 3,300 likes.

However, just shortly after her post, her Twitter account has suspended.

No specific reason was stated with regard to the suspension. However, it is a fact that Taiwan, an island state, is being claimed by the People’s Republic of China.


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