SHOCKING! Nanny's Fires by Employer for Breastfeeding Their Child-MUST READ

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Before,father as the head of the family is the only responsible to give and supply all the needs of his family.

But,taking into reality,Now a days,Both the husband and wife need to strive hard in order to fullfill the needs of their children,so some children are left to the care of their nannies or Grandparents.

Singaporean mother Julia (not her real name) is a first-time mother to her baby daughter Emma. As much as she struggled a change of pace in lifestyle – as she worked as a lawyer before her bundle of joy arrived – she relished the joys motherhood has to offer. Four months into her full-time work of being a mom, she opted to hire Irene (also not her real name).

The 24-year old nanny from Indonesia was said to have made Julia’s life easier. The latter shared that she could focus on her work and come home with only to bond with baby Emma in mind, adding that Irene managed to maintain the house clean and orderly while doing a good job with taking care of her daughter

This gave them a peace of mind, especially when Julia shared that she saw Irene taking care of baby Emma properly, and in some occasions her daughter was asleep, the nanny would turn her attention on tidying up the place instead.

It was a shock for her, when she caught Irene trying to breastfeed her 7-month old, offering her left breast. Emma complied for a few seconds, but stopped shortly. A few moments later, Irene offered the baby her other breast, to which Emma refused to suck, moving away from her.

Julia was furious and disgusted with the scene unfolding before her, immediately rushing home and reprimanding her nanny about the incident. She had Irene undergo several tests which would show if she was positive on HIV and Hepatitis B, out of fear that Irene could transmit diseases to her daughter.

Irene’s side of the story has yet to be revealed, but it was said that she was fired from her job. There were also no mentions if legal charges were pressed against her actions.

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