SHOCKING,Texting Could Kill you!-Doctor Reveal!


It’s true that technologies, the Internet, and gadgets change our world and lifestyle. However, scientists have made a shocking discovery – texting on the phone changes even your brain waves!

Famous Mayo Clinic from the USA has carried out a unique research led by Dr. William Tatum. They have examined the waves created by the human brain. Almost 130 people took part in the study, and they kept monitoring them for almost year and a half.

What these doctors reveal is shocking. Texting on your smartphone makes your brain create a whole new wave which was never detected before!

Not all the participants of the study got that. Apparently, you have to have a special brain wiring to do that. Only 21 percent of them developed that new wave in their brain.

However, this information is rather shocking. For one, it shows we have been wired to use the modern day technology from old times when it was not even there!

Secondly, this new brainwave consumes much energy and shifts your focus from other things. It means people who get it, stop being multi-tasking while texting.

That is a good reason to stop using your phone altogether while driving! If you are one of those who can develop this new wave, you put your life at risk, driving and texting at the same time! You can kill yourself and others! So, the new technologies are great, but they can make your brain kill you!

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