Student sends unclothed pics to teacher exchange for tuition fee!


A girl, now in her early teens, has been sending unclothed pictures of herself to her school teacher, who is believed to have groomed her over the past three years.

Her mother found out what was going on after she saw several of the unclothed pictures on the teenager’s phone early this year.

But what really irks Women’s Centre for Change executive director Loh Cheng Kooi was that the teacher was still working when she checked up on the case last month.

“Any teacher suspected of s*xual abuse should be suspended from work immediately pending an investigation by the authorities.

“It seems that the teacher had been grooming the girl for a few years before it came to the parents’ attention,” she told reporters after a presentation at the Penang Women Development Corporation’s roundtable on “Protection of Children in Malaysia” at Komtar on Monday.

Loh said the teacher had purportedly admitted to the offense when he was called in to explain, but no action was taken by the state education department.

“He should be sacked immediately upon admitting to the crime and the investigation should be conducted quickly.

“A teacher suspected of child s*xual abuse must be kept away from students but this is not the case here,” Loh said.Loh claimed the state education department was informed of the incident and that parents were told the department would leave the matter to the police if they had lodged a report.

She said the parents did not lodge a police report for fear the trauma could negatively affect their daughter.

“It took a while for the girl to recover because she felt it was not the teacher’s fault, since she was the one who sent the pictures.

“We had to convince the girl that what the teacher did was wrong,” said Loh.
Penang Education Department director Shaari Osman when contacted said his department had only received a complaint letter last week about the matter.

He said investigation was still ongoing and initial findings showed the teacher had also been giving tuition fees to the girl.


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