STUDY: Smallest Breast in the World belongs to PH Woman!-Read!

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Filipino women have the smallest natural breasts in the world, according to a study published in the Journal of Female Health Sciences.

The study compared the mean breast volume and cup size of nearly 400,000 women aged 28 to 30 years old from 108 countries.

It found that women from the United States have the largest cup size compared to females from other nations, while Filipinas have the smallest.

“Women born in the USA have far larger breasts than women in any other country, while women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes,” the study said.

It added: “A typical Caucasian woman born in the USA has a breast volume of 1,668 ml and the highest quartile of Caucasian US women has a mean breast volume as high as 2,986 ml.

In the Philippines, the mean breast volume is only 111 ml and even the highest quartile of Filipino women has a mean breast volume of only 179 ml.

Aside from the Philippines, ladies from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Mozambique were found to have the smallest breast sizes.

source:ABS CBN News

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