Teacher writes a heartwarming letter to a boy with autism who failed in his exam-Must read


A teacher named Ruth Clarkson told her student who suffers from autism, Ben Twist, after he failed his exams.

In an article written by Ruta Grasyte of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Clarkson of Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College wrote a touching letter to 11-year-old Twist after he failed his exams. She told him that exams are not everything and he has a lot of talents that cannot be measured by those tests, kicker daily News reported.

The teacher said Twist has many other skills; including his artistic talents, his abilities in sport, his musical ability, his kindness, his growing independence, and much more.

The letter brought Twist’s mother, Gail, to tears. She then tweeted a photo of it saying: “In tears. A letter to my 11-year-old autistic son from his school. ‘These tests only measure a little bit of you.'”

He could have been so devasted — but thanks to Clarkson and her good heart. She wrote him a letter telling him the reasons why he should not be sad because of what happened.

source:kicker daily news

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