Terrifying: 11 year-old Boy dies after Accidentally Hanging Himself when Prank went Wrong!


An investigation took place over the death of an 11-year-old boy who accidentally hanged himself in his bedroom when a prank went wrong.

According to Kicker Daily News,Gaby Bissett mentioned in his article for Mail Online that Sonny Jack Yates, described as a happy and well-adjusted boy, is known by his family to play with rope; often putting up makeshift swings in his room.

Sonny, who is from Appleby, Cumbria, was at home with his mother, Nicola, and his sister in January waiting to go out when the accident happened.
Just barely 10 minutes after he went inside his room, Nicola, who was putting away some clothes for washing, found her son hanged. The mother initially thought it was a prank, but a few seconds later, she realized the horrifying truth.Despite having an injured arm, Nicola and other members of the family rushed in to save Sonny, but the young kid was already dead.
“We were going out that afternoon. We were all getting ready to go out. Sonny was messing about in his room. There was nothing we could do,” Nicola said.
“He was always messing about. He used to mess around with rope and make things. He made swings outside,” the mother added.
Andrew Colin Pearson, Sonny’s dad, said he had fun with his son the previous evening before the accident.
Sonny’s stepfather, Michael Longrigg, narrated during the investigation that he visited his stepson’s room a few months earlier before the accident and asked him if he wanted to play on the X-Box. Michael said he found Sonny playing and about to use a swing he had made by himself.“I immediately told him to stop. He said they did it all the time when they were playing. I explained how dangerous it could be and how that was how an accident could happen,” Michael said.
“It was a case of misadventure – which is when you are doing something which goes wrong unexpectedly,” he added.

Source:Kicker Daily News

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