"'The New Manila-Duterte Magic"-Be proud!


Netizens uploaded photos of Baclaran and Divisoria now and to our surprise both shopping meccas are super clean and organized.

 What happened? Did the typhoon blew the trash away? Did all those vendors in the street got sick or something? We had to find out.

After a lot of observations with the similarities and patterns that our good nation is experiencing, we can say with confidence that everybody wants to imitate Duterte, everyone wants to be the strong-man, every city now wants to be like Davao City, in Baclaran and Divisoria people weren’t forced to move, no added CCTV’s for litterers, it just pure discipline, the discipline inspired by one man and that’s President Duterte.

The “Duterte Effect” is mirroring what our good president has done in past and netizens have been uploading the “Duterte Effect” in social media just like Baclaran and Divisoria, these two major shopping meccas in the metro, both one of the busiest parts of the nation’s capital, both shopping centers, both chaotic, 4 days of Duterte as president they’re not anymore.

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