The Story of Survival of the smallest Baby in the world is encouraging!-Must Read


This girl’s name is Amalia. She was born in the 21st week of pregnancy. This happened in the USA back in 2006.

The baby’s weight was just 280 grams at her birth.Formerly doctors believed that kids under 23 weeks and under 400 grams of weight had no chances to survive.

However, Amalia Tailor proved them to be wrong. She and her mother were forced to spend the first 4 months of the baby’s life in the hospital. She was in the intensive care.

However, the girl survived. And her mother did not give up her hope and girl’s life and recovery.You can see her photos of turning two years old.

No one has really expected she would do so well. She develops fast and gains weight and height, too. And her mom decided to have a second baby despite what she has been through with Amalia.

God bless the survivor girl and her brave parents who had faith and did not doubt!

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