VIRAL:" Hanging out with Ex while my Boyfriend busy at work!"


It seems that netizens, especially in the Philippines have very strong feelings against unfaithful people.

 The caption of the photo says: “Hanging out with an ex while my boyfriend busy with his work”.This post enraged many netizens which results to have neagtive reactions.

Comments were full of negative and hateful messages, some comments tried to help enlighten the woman to set it straight with her boyfriend.

But upon investigation of her Facebook account, it was discovered that the man she was with in the photo was actually a close friend of her boyfriend and was not really his ex-boyfriend after all.

The woman revealed that the post was meant to be a joke and that she had no intention of hurting anyone.

 It seems that the boyfriend was aware too of this prank.It may have all been a farce but if there is anything we can take from this, it is that social media is not the right place to publicly make inside jokes like that.

source:Trending news portal

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