VIRAL: Woman Confess and Humiliate her EX-BOYFRIEND!-He doesn't Own A Car!


To ask, “What is love?” is like asking, “What is running?” or “What is swimming?” If you’ve ever seen someone run or swim, you know exactly what running and swimming entail.

Love is unexplainable feelings, it doesn't depend on your partners wealth, appearance and status in life.

But unfortunately some woman are too practical that they first look at the financial capability of their future partner.

One of the post from FEU Secret Files are now circulating in social media, as a girl known to be Chloe share her confession.

This woman rant about her situation with her ex-boyfriend who cant afford to take her to ride in a car,

Now ,she's too proud dating with her another ex-Boyfriend who owns a car.

Source: Social Pees


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