WATCH: 60 seconds video showing how braces work to straightened our teeth-Must watch

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Today especially Teenagers think braces are part of fashion, they feel they have an edge having braces. Some uses fake braces to make them feel they belong to the trend.

Especially in Asia where teens are sold fake braces than can damage you teeth instead of fixing it.

For the sake of ‘going with the trend’, these teens risk their health. The real use of braces are no longer the issue.

 But what are braces for anyway? Braces are impressive little gadgets. Over time, they move your teeth. But how do they do it?Brackets made of metal or ceramic. 

A bracket is attached to each tooth. Bonding material (glue) or a metal band. This is what attaches the bracket to the tooth. An Arch Wire, which is a thin metal wire that runs from bracket to bracket and puts pressure on the teeth. 

The Ligature Elastic (also called an “o-ring”). This is a small colored elastic that holds the bracket onto the arch wire. The ligatures are usually changed at each adjustment visit. Some types of brackets do not need elastic ligatures (they are called “self-ligating”).

The teeth move when the arch wire puts pressure on the brackets and teeth. Sometimes, springs or rubber bands are used exert more force in a specific direction. 
Braces exert constant pressure, which over time, move teeth into their proper positions. Occasionally adults may need to wear headgear to keep certain teeth from moving. (

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