WATCH: Disabled Girl Abuse by Security Personnel


 The girl named Hannah Cohen partially deaf,blind in one eye and paralyzed was allegedly abuse by a Security guard in the airport.

According to a report, she was on her way home from Memphis Tennessee to Chattanooga when that incident happened.

For some reasons, she set off the alarm in the airport security checkpoint and this signaled the security officer. However, he went out of limits and have been brutal in approaching the situation.

Cohen was disoriented by how the alarm went off but still the TSA searched her as the report goes, "slammed to the floor and left bloodies and bruised by the airport security staff". Poor 18-year old Cohen hit her head then.

She was arrested but she was eventually released and the charges were drop.

What makes it more heartbreaking is that the poor girl has just had a brain tumor treatment. This compelled her parents to file charges asking for $100,000 which would cover the medical expenses, physical and emotional injury, etc. 

Hannah's lawyers, Kelly Pearson and William Hardwick said "The security personnel failed to recognize that she was confused because of her obvious disability ans was unable to cooperate with the search.



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