WATCH: These 10 fake Documents,and Jesus Christ Image is one of them,that might affect the World!


For hundred of years,Jesus Christ image was depicted as tall,handsome face,chestnut hair, high nose,unblemished face and fair skin.Most of us do not question that image, but recently evidence shown that this image is a product of fake document.

In these allegedly fake documents way back 1474, Publius Lentulus the governor of Judea before describe the image of Jesus Christ in a letter and he sent to the roman senate.

For hundred of years it was considered eye witness account until scholar revealed that they could not find Governor Lentulus in the History books and the writing style is somewhat different from roman conventions.

The Lentulus letter is not the only fake documents that was considered to be authentic.In fact there are countless.

check out some of the 10 documents that changed the world , as compiled by youtube channel.

source: buzzflare


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