WATCH: Video to Prove UNICORN really exist and not a myth!


So, it’s proven that unicorns aren’t just mythical creatures and in fact, lived on Earth thousands of years ago.

Scientists confirmed that unicorns existed thousands of years ago but unfortunately, the mythical creatures didn’t actually look like how we perceive them to be – a horse with a golden horn and wings.

 The real unicorns or ‘Elasmotherium Sibiricu’ actually looked similar with Rhino. It was thought that it became extinct 350,000 years ago.The Elasmotherium Sibiricu was described as a shaggy creature standing 2 meter high, 4.5 meters long and weighs up to 4 tonnes.

 Despite its tough features, its diet mainly composed only of grass.

A skull of the said unicorn was perfectly preserved in Kazakhtan and was found that the creaturewas a male and lived on earth 29,000 years ago via radiocarbon dating techniques according to a study in American Journal of Applied Sciences published on May 2016.

The question why this unicorn lasted much longer than those that died thousands of years ago is that there’s a possibility that migration to southern areas played a great factor why this creature lived longer.

Researchers believed that environmental factor played a big role on the extinction of the real unicorns and hope that sooner they would find in details how the Ealsmotherium Sibiricu vanished on earth.

So, if you want to imagine how real unicorns look like, think of Rhinos with long dark hair and slender horn protruding on its face.


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