WATCH: Wife beats and strips alleged mistress of his husband at the airport,create commotion!


Lots of video pertaining to alleged mistress and husband are circulating online, mostly alleged mistress was beaten by the legal wife, and publicly humiliated.

Just like this woman who caught her husband with his mistress, or so the video seemed to portray.

The footage is said to have been uploaded on the site Toutiao, and shows two women caught in a catfight with onlookers trying to break up the commotion.

 In the clip, an enraged woman wearing a white top and black pants is seen attacking and dragging a woman wearing a black shirt and a red skirt.

 The woman in white, supposed as the wife, then continues to strip the other woman (supposed as the mistress), even as passersby attempt to reason with her and stop the altercation.

The alleged husband can also be seen intervening, but to no avail. The angry wife couldn’t seem to stop, even going as far as pulling the mistress by the hair and yanking her arm along with her black shirt, a move seemingly to publicly embarrass the mistress.

watch the video:

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