WATCH:This Gold Digger Learns Lesson-Find Out Why!

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They said money is the root of all evil,but maybe it depends on how you manage your own resources.

Many wants a shortcut to success, and it is not as easy as we always think,circumstances arises.

This lady who already had a boyfriend was tempted to ride in a private jet not knowing that this scene is just a prank to test her loyalty and contentment, she lied in her boyfriend just to ride a jet with a very rich man. 

Prankster Coby Persin was so curious about this and he tried to make a test with random person using his private jet as a prank. And there you go, on a railway station Prankster act as a rich business man who was in route waiting for his private jet.

He chats up to a lady whom on the first place does not seem interested to him. But when the private jet was revealed and saw by her two eyes, she immediately change her mind and ask for a ride. Although she already have a boyfriend and have their plans for that day, she decided to call  him and cancel their schedules with an excuse that she was sick.

source: tsonggo trends

Here's the video:

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