WATCH:Viral Video of a Boy,Sings to a Stranger to Earn for his Medication,a very touching story!


Some were born that they everything they need, it may sounds unfair but God only knows why we are in that kind of situation. Happiness is based on contentment and every one is born unique.

People when in need may think of other way to have an instant money, some uses violence ,steal and other illegal means.

But the act of this 15 year old name Tristan Dynel Gogit is different. Despite having no money and family to support him, he remains honest when trying to earn for money.

One of Tristan’s kidney is already damaged, and he needs to survive on just one other. Aside from medication, he also needs to undergo dialysis to help his lone kidney clean his blood.

His parents are separated and each have their own families to support. On the other hand, Tristan is left alone to support his two younger siblings.His parents are too busy to accompany him to the hospital, and so he goes alone, with the money he earns.

He sings to random people at a Robinson’s Mall in Sta. Rosa Laguna.Facebook user Elisa Regalario Secillano recalls seeing Tristan approaching them, offering to sing in exchange for a small amount of money.

Thinking it was some sort of scam, Elisa and her friends ignored Tristan’s plea. It was until one of her friends recognized the boy. She remembered him singing to another group at the said mall’s food court.

So in the end, they agreed to help him, as he only asked for a bottle of Omega Pain killer in exchange for a song.

source: viral4real

heres the video:

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