WATCH:What happens when everybody wear"Lahat Tayo Pwedeng maging Drug Pusher"sign while Commuting!

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"Mag-isa lang ako, but I know there's a movement." Days after her original posts went viral, 19-year-old sociology student Adrienne Onday's #cardboardjustice photos have inspired other people to take the protest against extrajudicial killings offline.

The idea, which Onday credits to her friend and biology professor Hope Swann, is simple: Wear a sign that says "Lahat tayo posibleng maging pusher" in public.

Her actions have drawn praise and criticism on social media, but Onday says she has encountered more positive responses on the streets. On Sunday, GMA News Online followed Onday and observed the reactions of people to the sign she was wearing.

The trip started at LRT-2, switching to LRT-1 before taking a short jeep ride to Intramuros. Onday arrived in shorts and a frilly white top, over which she had the sign that went viral on social media: "Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher.

"Some passengers were more curious than others. Ivy, who boarded the train two stations away from Recto, did a subtle double take upon entering.

 During a short interview at Recto, she revealed that she thought that Onday was doing it for a school project and "related it to the new presidency." "'Di ba nakasulat na 'Lahat Tayo Posibleng Drug Pusher' and maybe... I think nakita na, yes, it's possible," Ivy told GMA News Online. "Iniisip ko 'yung iba ba nag-dru-drug pusher ba sila kasi they really want to use drugs or other people do it kasi kailangan nila ng pera."

source: GMA News


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