When you have these white spots on your nails-you need for a Health check asap!


The white marks on our nails we often ignore might be a sign of various diseases, it is not usually due to calcium deficiency.

These white spots in fingernails are called “leukonychia” and are very common. Most of the time the white spots are caused by hitting your nail at its base or matrix. But based on recent studies, these white marks may tell a different story.

Nail Injuries

Some examples of the types of injuries that can cause these spots are banging the finger on the door or banging  with a hammer. Having manicures done frequently can cause injuries to the nails too.

Allergic Reaction

There are times when white spots can appear on the nails due to an allergic reaction to nail polish, nail hardener or even nail polish remover.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a metal that is normally found in the human body. A zinc deficiency in a person commonly causes white spots or streaks in their nails.
A change in the person’s diet can help to resolve this problem.
Some foods that can help to add zinc to the person’s diet are oysters, baked beans, yogurt, crab, beef shanks, pork shoulder, spinach, nuts and whole grains.

Serious Diseases

There are some serious diseases that present symptoms like white spots on the nails. Therefore, it is extremely important to see a doctor if you notice any discolorations in your nails. The earlier you see the doctor the more likely it is to treat the condition effectively as prevention is better than cure.

Liver disease, like hepatitis and cirrhosis, is one of the more serious causes of white spotted fingernails.

Kidney disease also has symptoms that affect the nails, such as nails that are possibly white and pink. The nails can be turned partially white due to kidney failure.

Anemia, which is also a sign of iron deficiency, can produce pale or white nail beds. Adding iron to the diet, such as leafy greens and meats, and avoiding dairy, will help to reverse the iron deficiency.
There are some cases in which the person may develop koilonychias, which is abnormally shaped thin fingernails with raised ridges that curve inward.

If you want strong, healthy nails, be sure that your diet is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and iron, calcium, zinc and sulfur, as well as the essential fatty acids.

source: viral4real

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