Wife sued by Husband f0r Impregnating FILIPINA Maid with his Semen goes viral-Must Read!!

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Mohammad Fouad, a businessman based in Dubai, accused his own wife (whose name is being withheld) of secretly impregnating their Filipina household help by taking his sperm to the hospital where the wife is working, and carrying out the procedure there. He recalled that she asked for his sperm sample four times supposedly to test it in her workplace.

The Egyptian husband married his wife in Auckland in 2008 after meeting her in United Arab Emirates.Apparently, 
The husband found out that the wife could not bear a child for him, and thus tried to look for a surrogate mother. But since UAE law forbids surrogacy, they decided to look for a different nationality. In 2010, the wife hired the Filipina maid, and lived with them in their home. It was then that the wife started asking for his sperm for ‘testing’, the first one being on March 2010.
The husband left for Egypt and when he came back a few weeks later, he noticed that their Filipina maid was pregnant. When confronted, the wife admitted to her scheme and claimed that she had struck an agreement with the maid and went on to ask him to sign the contract as well.  The husband however refused because he knew it was illegal.
The wife also promised to ensure that the baby will be born in New Zealand to avoid imprisonment of the mother and the child.  However, when the maid gave birth to a baby girl in Al Ain Hospital, the wife now refused to adopt the child, even after the Filipina maid gave her a written consent.
The husband now was left with no choice, but to take in the surrogate baby, get her a passport and send her to one of his family members in Egypt. Exasperated, he explained;
“There was nothing else I could have done as I cannot look after her on my own…Since her biological mother is unmarried, the local health authorities refused to issue a birth certificate. Eventually I had to prove my paternity through DNA testing and get the certificate through the court”

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