With just A Blink of an eye you can soon record and replays Video-Must Watch !


Now a days technology Plays a vital role in everyone's life. People are now dependent on Technology that will make their life more easier and faster. Every year,month and weeks new gadgets and technology is being presented and replaced the old ones.

One trusted Company will soon present a new ways of recording things in just a blink on an eye by the use of amazing contact lenses. Aside from using as a vision aid, and to change the color of one's eye, in the near future people will be able to document most important and memorable moment in their lives with the so called"smart video lens".

The lens will have its auto focus,zooming and exposure adjustment.The lens technology will determine which blink is unconscious, and which blinks control the contact lenses recording action.

This technology will bring us closer to the reality lifestyle.

It wont take long for us to wear this smart lenses on a day to day basis. The company that will launch this kind of technology are still currently working for its development.

source: Elite readers
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