Woman Attempt to commit Suicide After seeing online boyfriend for the first time!


Now a days woman meet their future partner through different sites. They usually try to get to know each other. Then decide for marriage. But the story of this young lady will shock you after seeing her online boyfriend.

A 23 years old lady met her online boyfriend and it turned out not the way she expected. Apparently, her prince turned out to be not-so-charming as upon setting eyes on him, she tried to kill herself not once, but multiple times.

The two had met online and promptly started dating. Against her family’s wishes, the woman traveled from her Jilin Province hometown to Heilongjiang in pursuit of her happily ever after. The family of the lady is against their relationship from the start.The lady is ten years younger than the man.

Happiness, though, proved elusive. Police were even alerted to the scene, the seventh floor of a hotel where the virtual lovers had set up their rendezvous. As soon as she caught sight of the cops, the upset woman ran to the balcony and threatened to jump down, all the while furiously shouting at the jilted prince: “You cheated me!”

The police separated the two, but while the cops were trying to calm the woman down, she grabbed a handful of sleeping pills as well as a piece of broken glass to slit her wrists. The policemen responded quickly, however, preventing disaster and sending her off to the hospital for treatment.
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