Woman kills husband after Squeezing his Testicles during argument!


A Vietnamese woman is under police probe for alleged murder after she grabbed and squeezed her spouse’s testicles during a heated fight, and refused to let go of them for five minutes.

Lee Kim Khai, 53, died of suffocation en route to the hospital last Sunday, according to a report from asiaone.com.

The victim, who who was estranged from his family, had reportedly gone to his wife’s home in the southern Vietnamese province of Tien Giang on the night of the incident.

After being refused entry, he used a hand-saw to cut the lock on the door and barged in, the report said. The separated couple got into a fierce quarrel, which turned deadly.

According to the wife Phan Thi Kim Chuong, Khai repeatedly hit her with his fist, as their daughter watched and pleaded for him to stop. He then allegedly turned on his daughter and assaulted her as well, which prompted the wife to scream for help.

However, before any neighbors could respond, the wife angrily grabbed the testicles of her husband, and pulled him down to the ground.  She then jumped on her husband’s belly and continued to crush Khai’s private parts while she called the police.

Chuong, 55, agreed to let go of her fatal grip after being advised by her neighbors, who had finally arrived at the scene. By then, however, Khai had lost consciousness and died as he was rushed to the hospital.

An autopsy revealed that Khai had food stuck on his windpipe during the incident, and died from  tracheal effusion, which led to suffocation.

Chuong, meanwhile, told authorities she had been repeatedly assaulted by her husband in the past, and had only intended to “warn” him when she grabbed his testicles

source: inquirer.net

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