Your feet can tell a whole lot more about you than you thought, and we’ve got the illustrations to prove it. Depending on the length and placement of your toes (and how and where you can actually move them), your personality is subject to change. Check out your feet and find out what kind of foot you’ve got going on — the results may actually surprise you.

The Roman Foot
This shape could mean that you’re social, love people and are excited to try new things. You thrive in the business world, and don’t mind being the center of attention.
Find out what shape of your feet reveals about your personality

The Square Foot
When all toes are nearly identical in length, then the person is said to have a “square foot.” Also known as the “peasant foot,” this foot type is the most rectangular in appearance. People with this foot type have a tendency to be calm and calculated when making decisions. As a result of this, they are very reliable and practical.

The Flame Foot
Individuals with foot described above are creative and energetic. They are so enthusiastic. The aura of energy that radiates from then motivates people who come in contact with them. But people who possess this kind of foot are always anxious hereby leading to occasional stress for them and for the people surrounding them.
Find out what shape of your feet reveals about your personality

The Stretched Foot
These feet have a rather thin appearance. This is due to the fact that the toes are squished together, lending to a lengthier and thinner looking foot. The big toe is generally the largest of all the toes and then the size tapers with each toe. People with this foot type tend to value privacy while also being secretive. On top of this, they can also be impulsive and have sudden mood changes.

And there is something about toes

People who are unable to separate their little toe tend to prefer routine and structure in order to have a sense of security. They are very reliable and loyal, making them great companions. Unlike those who can’t separate their little toe, these people show a need for change in their lives. Routine and structure makes them unhappy, leading to them being very adventurous. These people are also easily bored, so they can sometimes liven up the mood by doing something drastic. People who have their little toe on the side tend to be on the rebellious side and like to have things done their way. They’re generally unconventional in their methods

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