5 Sign's You've Met A Person From Previous Life-Must Read!!


Have it ever happened to you, you`ve met a person, but have a feeling you`ve known him for ages! And no matter believe you or not in karma or other mystical stuff, the first thing that comes to your mind is what if he is from your previous life? Well, let`s find that out with these 5 signs!

1. You feel an instant, positive connection
You meet a person and immediately you have this good feeling about him or her. You feel so relaxed near that person, and can spend hours just talking about anything. You understand this person just like he /she understands you better that anybody else! Don`t overthink about a connection like this! Just enjoy!
2. You have an instant, negative reaction
It`s the opposite, as soon as you meet a person you feel an immediate dislike. If there is no obvious reason of why that person calls such negative emotions in you now, then, must be something happened to you two in your previous lifes!
3. Someone you barely know helps you for no apparent reason and vice versa
If you feel like you need to help someone you barely know, someone helps you. This could be anyone, from your co-worker to the seller at a shop you usually buy groceries at. But it is a sure sign that you`ve helped this person before, in previous life.
4. You have a telepathic connection
If a person you`ve just met understands you that well you think he or she may read your mind or vice-versa, there is a high possibility of you two met in previous life or even lifes! Souls that share lifetimes tend to have a deeper connection than souls who are just interacting for the first or second time.
5. The relationship is short-lived, but intense
People can have unresolved business sometimes, sometimes that business you carry from your past life. But it won`t take long to solve everything in this life. While such a relationship can be painful and confusing in the present lifetime, it can be exactly what both souls needed to do to resolve an experience from the past.

source: kami.com

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