A Mob Of Angry Parents Beat This Teacher Up For What He Did to His Student!


Footage has emerged online of a teacher stripped and beaten after an alleged affair with a high-school pupil in China. The parents of the girl reportedly beat and stripped the man before the video was captured in Wei County, northern China's Hebei province.  

In the footage the teacher can be seen sitting on the floor without clothes as people can be heard crowding around the man and talking. 
Other onlookers can be seen filming the incident on their phones. 
The teacher sways backwards and forwards throughout the video.  
Staff at Weixian Number 1 Middle School confirmed that the man in the video was a teacher at the school surnamed Li.
He had been a teacher at the school for some years. 
They said that 'student evaluation of Li's classes were good.' 
Police have confirmed that the incident did take place and have said that they are still investigating the case. 
The local Public Security Bureau issued a notification on August 9 confirming that they found a n@ked man suspected of crimes on the north outer ring road. 
The man was injured and so police took him to hospital.  
In March this year, it was reported that a teacher tried to r@pe a female student in Lingshan County, China's Guangxi Autonomous Region. 
Teachers immediately intervened and managed to free the student from the 30-year-old male teacher, surnamed Huo. The victim reportedly suffered no injuries. 
Photos from the incident show the n@ked man grabbing hold of the girl from behind and pushing her against a wall in broad daylight.  

source: mail online

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