A Shocking Confession Of A Married Man: I'm Seeing a Beautiful Girl,Even Though I'm Married to Some One Else!

STAFF 10:26 PM

I have to confess something. I’m seeing someone else although I’m married. She’s an incredible girl: beautiful, smart and with a strong faith in God.

 I enjoy taking her to dinner. I enjoy while we’re watching a movie or some series and I don’t miss any chance of telling her how beautiful she is.

I don’t remember when I was mad at her for the last time, because that doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. Her smile is so magical that it makes my days special, no matter how hard they are.
She sometimes visits me to work to surprise me or cooks what I love the most.

I can’t believe how lucky I am! I’m seeing her and I’m married. I’m reaching out to everyone to try and see if this affects your life!

Have I told you that the girl I’m seeing is my wife? So, what did you expect? Being married doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t exist!

I have to continue seeing my wife although I’m married to her. My wife or my life don’t have to disappear simply just because we said “YES” to each other.

I can often notice that the relationship between partners stops growing and advancing just because they have stopped looking after themselves.

Having fun is a period when you get to know someone on a wonderful and unique way, so why would it have to stop? The butterflies in your stomach don’t have to disappear just because you’re together for years.

Look after your partner every day like in the beginning of your relationship and you’ll be completely happy.

I invite you to go out with your partner today and give himself/herself with your whole heart. You must realize that the fun doesn’t stop simply by saying “YES”!

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