Amazing Remedies To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


If you are a s*xually active woman than you have a high risk of getting a urinary tract infection because the bacteria E. coli which lives in the bowel can easily pass into the urethra especially when there is no proper cleanliness. You cannot rely on home remedies if the infection is old 2 days or more, but you can use them if you notice early symptoms like burning or pain while urination, cloudy or blood-tinged urine along with pain above the pubic bone, urge to urinate frequently though passing too little urine each time. Do not ignore all of this and immediately visit your doctor. Once you suffer from infection you become prone to it and it is more likely that it will happen again.

First you need to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness, you also do not suppress the urge to urinate because in that way you hold the bacteria leading to infection, after urinating wipe from front to back, wash your hand whenever going to toilet before and after you urinate, avoid any fragrant soaps, deodorants and lotions for washing your genital area, wear cotton underwear and do not keep them too tight making sure that they are always dry, always urinate and wash your private parts before and after s*xual intercourse using condoms rather than diaphragm, use sanitary napkins rather than tampons during menstrual periods, drink a lot of water, avoid eating too hot, spicy  or sour foods, and finally exercise at least 30-40 minutes a day which will boost your immunity making your body less prone to infections.

Home remedies for UTI:
  • Cinnamon – take ½ to ¾ teaspoon put it in a cup of warm water, mix well, drink it. Stir occasionally while drinking. Consume it 3-4 times a day if the infection has already set in, and once a day if you want to prevent UTI.
  • Baking soda – it is good for your intestine (take half a tsp of baking soda and add in a cup of water, drink it afterwards)
  • Coriander powder – excellent anti-inflammatory and digestive beverage. Take 3 cups of water in a vessel, add 3 tbsps of coriander seed powder and 1 tbsp of rock candy powder/unrefined sugar. Mix it well and leave it soak overnight. In the morning stir well and drink 1 cup 3 times a day.
  • Cranberry juice – only prevents UTI, but can’t treat it. Thus consume 50 – 150 ml of pure cranberry juice every day. It has, however, some side effects as it may hamper the working of your regular medications that you take for UTI and may give rise to kidney stones.
  • Marshmallow root tea – take the root enough to fill ¼ of a jar, add lukewarm water to fill the whole of it, cover it with lid and leave it overnight or 4 hours. Strain it in the morning and drink it to soothe your bladder. It is good with heartburn too and is recommended for babies and pregnant women. The tea can soothe inflamed and irritated tissues and in the combination with other herbs it can treat kidney and bladder inflammations and kidney stones.
source: alternative healing

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