Baby gets Hole in Wrist Due to Alleged Medical Malpractice-Must Read..


A certain named Ivy expresses her anger as a mother for what happened to her child as a result of an alleged medical malpractice.

In her FB post, Ivy shared how her baby is now suffering from a big wound in the wrist.  The wound almost occupied the whole wrist of the baby. Sadly, the baby is now inflicted with infection because of the wound.
Ivy said – “ naimpksyon ung sugat nya,ung pnagtusukan ng ininject sa kaniya..”
Ivy is currently blaming a certain doctor named Elaine Sue and the hospital.
According to Ivy, worst scenario is if the infection has reached the nerve in the pulse area, there is no choice but to amputate her baby’s hand. This is to avoid the infection from spreading in the baby’s body.
They moved to National Children;s Hospital aside from alleged medical malpractice but because they were released even if the baby's condition is not good.
 Her baby's wound had to be scraped-off,now the infected hand of Ivy's baby actually lose.
Relatives and friends of Ivy advised to file a case against the said Doctor and Hospital

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