BE WARNED: Unusual Device Found In ATM Machine-Must Read


A netizen warns the public in FB about their discovery of a weird device found in ATM Machine.

The FB post was titled “SALAT MUNA BAGO PINDOT”. According to a netizen  she and her husband went to  ATM machine near Harbor Square to withdraw. After her husband inserted tha ATM card, they found a small device installed at the dashboard of the ATM. It was black, square that had what looked like camera lens and was a placed just above the keypad of the machine.
Her Husband's attitude of inspecting atm before withdrawal worked to their advantage after seeing that black device.
It couldn’t be determined if the device is a camera to record the user’s PIN no. , which will be used for ATM skimming modus. But it was undeniably suspicious as to why something like this was installed in the ATM.

This incident has been reported to the bank’s guard on duty and of course shared this experience to raise awareness to ATM users.

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