College Student Hides Dead BABY in LOCKER After Suffering Miscarriage!


Those who suffer from unexpected pregnancy are mostly students, and tryin to hide the situation from family, and thinking that abortion is the primary solution.

Although others suffer from miscarriage still there is an appropriate action, rather than hiding it from public.

A student from a private college in Seremban hid her stillborn baby inside a dormitory locker after reportedly suffering a miscarriage on Monday.

According to The New Straits Times, the 22-year-old reportedly delivered the baby in her room's toilet and she cut off the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors before flushing it down the toilet.

Afraid that her friends would find out about her pregnancy, she hid the body in the locker. 

Later in the day, she was rushed to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital by her friends after she complained about having abdominal pains and bleeding.Seremban district police chief Assistant Commissioner Muhamad Zaki Harun told the daily that a medical staff at the hospital, sensing something was amiss, alerted the police that a woman had received treatment at the hospital due to a miscarriage.“

After questioning, it led to the discovery of the newborn girl, who was wrapped in a towel and placed in a plastic bag inside the locker.“The infant was found in the locker by the girl's friends. 

They were initially looking for medicine which they suspected may have caused her to suffer abdominal pain," ACP Muhamad Zaki was quoted as saying.He added that the case will be investigated under Section 318 of the Penal Code for concealment of birth by secret disposal of a dead body.


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