De Lima Finally Reveals Connection with Her Alleged Driver Lover-Find Out what she said!

STAFF 12:52 PM

 President Duterte revealed Sen. Leila De Lima's relationship to former driver Ronnie Dayan linking them both to Illegal Drug Trade and the rise of Corruption and anomaly in New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

De Lima is persistent to end the issue and allegations of President Duterte in her connection to alleged drug lords and illicit affair to her driver.

Sen. De Lima strongly denied the allegations of being involved in the drug money and few days ago in a press conference she declared that she is willing to resign and be shot in front of Pres. Duterte if proven guilty with valid evidence.

She also said that the allegations of Pres. Duterte are more on exaggerations although there might be a bit truth to the accusations.

She admit during the press conference that she have grew fond to the driver and develop closeness or became to close. She also admitted having a special connection with Dayan during the days he worked for her.

She also mentioned that she has no knowledge about the marital status of her driver that Dayan is already married before he started working for her.

"Äng Alam ko matagal na siyang hiwalay sa asawa nya before pa siya pumasok bilang driver/bodygurad ko".

Although the real truth not yet revealed, many specualtions have already been made by both her bashers and supporters.



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