Did You Know You Can Take Your Blood Pressure Using A TAPE MEASURE AND A RING??HERE'S HOW....


Most people have to check their blood pressure on a regular daily basis. You can be anywhere and your blood pressure can suddenly rise or drop.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to take your blood pressure monitor everywhere you go. Also, it doesn’t mean you have to run to your doctor’s any time you feel your blood pressure is changing.

Here we recommend an old Chinese method of taking blood pressure that can help you monitor your blood pressure any place any time. What makes this method very convenient is that it uses only three things – a tape measure, some thread and a wedding ring.

Whenever you feel like your blood pressure is changing, follow the instructions below and take your blood pressure wherever you are.

Start by laying the tape measure on any arm from your wrist upwards. Place the piece of thread through the ring. When you start moving the ring slowly alongside the tape measure, the ring will first react to your diastolic, and then to your systolic pressure.


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