Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg,Recognized the Struggle of Filipina Student to Earn Degree-Must watch!!!

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Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social media platform Facebook, recognized on his own Facebook post a Filipina who broke down barriers just to earn a degree in Computer Science.

 The famous millennial posted a video on his wall and lauded the woman’s perseverance in finishing her studies. Riza lives in a far flung island wherein female residents collect and sell seashells for a living. 

Inasmuch as it seemed that she was destined to walk the same path as most of the locals residing in the area, she was determined to take control of her fate.In the video shared by Zuckerberg himself, Riza narrates her story and the struggles she faced in her journey to securing a diploma. 

She amassed over a wealth of knowledge on Computer Science from studying in a school situated in a city. Furthermore, she takes boat trips on a daily basis in commuting to school. I became particularly useful when her hometown was struck by a destructive typhoon, hence rendering her unable to attend classes. As a workaround, she used to connect with her classmates and to finish her thesis. Undeniably, hers is a story of sheer determination and resilience.

from Zuckerberg Post:

This is an amazing story about Riza -- a young woman on a small island where the only job for women was collecting seashells, yet she used to earn a degree in computer science.
Being connected means having opportunity. We're going to connect the whole world so one day everyone can achieve their full human potential -- just like Riza.


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