Gab known to be Anti-Duterte,NOW PRAISES our President!!-Must Read...


In fact,  the 28-year-old son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano reportedly received death threats after he criticized the then-Davao City mayor on Facebook in December last year.

Past of his post read: “Would you hire a murderer to look after your kids? Would you invite a thief to look after your home? In this case, would you, who was born and raised a Filipino with the values and morals set and taught to you by past generations, appoint a president who completely rejects the morals we Filipino’s are known for? Family. Faith. Tact.
However, a few months after the president was sworn into office, Gab admitted that he’s impressed by Pres. Duterte’s performance.
Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP)quoted him as saying during Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracyPH event on Friday night, August 12: “I believe that opposition is a doorway to growth, di ba(right)? Kasi kung wala namang kumukontra sa ‘yo (Because if no one is opposing you), that just means na you’re not doing something right.
So, with Duterte, he is the current president. I respect him and everything that he’s been doing. Maski na there are some things na (Although there are some things that) I’m not for, it doesn’t matter, e. Kasi (Because), at the end of the day, he’s our leader and we have to respect him.
He emphasized that in one month, President Duterte has done so much.
 “I’m glad that he’s proven me wrong,” he added

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