GIGANTIC PEARL Weigh 34Kg Surrendered To Palawan Tourism Office!


City Tourism Officer Aileen Amurao said that the gigantic pearl was turned over by a relative–a fisherman— who has been keeping the gem for a long time, an article written by Aya Tantiangco on GMA News Online stated.

In a report, the fisherman and his family admitted that they kept the pearl a secret for almost ten years before they finally decided to turn it over to the authorities.
According to the fisherman, he found the pearl’s clam while he was out fishing one day. The clam, he said, got stuck in his fishing net.
As the fisherman plans for an exodus to another town, he decided to surrender the pearl feeling confident that the pearl sample will be properly protected.
Based on report, the natural pearl has an area of 1ft x 2ft.
The current largest pearl in the world named Pearl of Lao Tze was also found in Palawan in the 1930s. It weighs 6.4 kilograms.
Given the initial measurements of the newly-found pearl specimen, the gem can possibly break the current record, according to the Puerto Princesa Tourism Office.

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