He ask all People to check between the toes.The Reason saved His Life and Can Save Yours As well!!- Read Here.....


We all know that a deadly form of skin cancer known as melanoma occurs when youth and spots change shape or size or when appear new.

But few people know that these stains can be found on the most unusual places on your body, including under fingernails and between the fingers.Knowing the warning signs of melanoma and understanding of the risks is important for everyone. Doctors and their assistants have created a simple acronym to help you protect yourself from this potentially deadly form of skin cancer.
When you examine your skin you need to know this to check the warning signs of melanoma.
There are asymmetric. If the spot does not appear as round and looks more like an amoeba, it could be a sign of melanoma.
Border. If the borders of moles are not visible or irregular, see a doctor.
Color. Seeing the different shades of the same color in a mole is not good.
Dimensions. Are your moles wider and thicker? Check especially if they are more than 6 mm in diameter.
Evolution. Check if your mole is constantly changing color or dimension.
Increase your awareness of melanoma and warnings may save your life.

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