How To Read A Bar Code to Tell If A Product Came From CHINA or Any Other Country!-Read here....

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The products imported from China have been the aim of criticism lately, due to various reasons. Hence, if you know the origin of the products you want to buy, you will be more relaxed while shopping, as you may avoid numerous heat risks.

To be more concrete, the first 3 digits of the UPS barcode indicate the country of origin and the manufacturer of the item. For instance, if these numbers are 695, or 690, the food, or other items you want to purchase, comes from China.


00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA
690 ~ 695  China

30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK
57 ~ Denmark
64 ~ Finland
76 ~ Switzerland and Lienchtenstein
471 ~ Taiwan
480 ~ Philippines
628 ~ Saudi-Arabien
629 ~ United Arab Emirates 

Yet, this is not as easy in all cases, as for example, if a company from India imports fruits from China, and then additionally prepare it for export, the barcode will indicate that the product originates from India, not China.

Therefore, it is up to you if you decide to investigate a bit deeper and find out about the policies of the company which manufactures it.

This is valuable information, as if you are well informed about the products you buy, you will be able to control your health, avoid dangerous substances, and improve your health.

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