If These Two Lines On Your Palm Meet,This Is What It Means....

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Palm reading or Palmistry is an art that was developed thousands of years ago by some highly intellectual individuals.

And till this day, many people have agreed that it has proved its wonder. Palmistry is about broadening your horizons and understanding what palm reading is truly about. It may seem silly but that’s only because you haven’t understood it exactly.

This sharp line is known as the marriage line, and you can actually read your own marriage line without going to a palm reader by simply holding your hands together side by side like this.


  • If your lines are the same height it suggests you are calm, gentle, and compassionate. You are relatively stable, and dislike being around abrupt and disruptive people. You are likely to marry someone that your family and friends get on with very well.

  • If the line on the right is higher than the one on the left it means that you are wise beyond your years, and you are often drawn towards older people. You don’t have much care for what other people think about you, and you are very down to earth. You know one for following the conventional norm, and you are 70% more likely to marry/ settle down with someone older than you.

  • If the line on on the left is higher than the one on the right it signifies that you are very strong, self-assertive, and enjoy taking the bull by the horns (not literally). You crave a love so deep that even the ocean would be jealous. You attract very good looking people, and chances are you may end up with someone a lot younger than you or a foreigner.
There is hell of a lot more captivating information about what your palm can reveal about you contained in the video below. Who knows what hidden truths you may find? Feel free to share your findings with us in the comments section below.
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Why not try inviting your friends over and see if you can read their palm, it’s really fun, and you may actually learn something about them that you didn’t know before.
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