I've Been Doing It Wrong My Whole Life,Here's How To Peel A Potato In Just 1 Second!

STAFF 10:18 PM

Many of us tend to grab the potato peeler and stand in front of the sink when it's time to prepare potatoes for food.

 But after seeing this, I will never do that again. I've discovered a trick on how to remove potato skins in just seconds - and without needing to grab your potato peeler from the kitchen drawer. 

It's as simple as you can imagine - simply boil the potato a few minutes, then slip into ice cold water for 5-10 seconds. 

The next step is what might surprise - especially how easy it is! Watch the video below for full instructions - you won't regret it.

This just inspired me to make a big potato salad next weekend to pair with burgers at a barbecue I'll be having ... the timing couldn't have been better :)


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