LOOK: Badjao Girl Cry after Her Fellow PBB Housemates Making Fun of her Undergarment


Rita Gabiola, more popularly known as ‘Badjao Girl,’ suddenly stopped washing the dished when she saw the other housemates making fun of her undergarment. It surprised the other housemates but they realized what they did was wrong.

Based on the video aired on ABS-CBN, it was Heaven and Kisses who first get the undergarment from the clothesline. Then Kisses showed it to Vivoree and Fenetch and these girls reacted as if this undergarment is really funniest thing they’ve have even seen in their entire life.

Guilty girl housemates went to Rita to apologize. After Maymay, Kristine approached Rita as if it’s just a small thing.“Ang akala kasi namin kay Ate Maymay kaya pinaglaruan namin..”
Heaven butt in, “Para iexplain namin sa mga lalaki na hindi, ano lang ‘yun, para hindi nila kadirian.”
Crying while washing the dishes, Rita then said, “Kasi ayoko na ginaganun ang gamit ko…”
We’re very sad that the well-loved ‘Badjao Girl’ inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house encountered some insensitive bastards. They even used the excuse that they thought it was Maymay’s stuff. Seriously girls? Where’s the manners?

Rita Gabiola, more popularly known as “Badjao Girl,” shot to fame after a photo of her begging for spare change during a local festival in Lucban, Quezon went viral online. Many gushed over her morena skin and high cheekbones, with some claiming that she could be a model or an actress.

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