Look: Grand Mansion Allegedly Own By De LIma's Driver Goes Viral!

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A photo of a Mansion of Senator's Driver  allegedly given or funded by Senator De Lima goes viral.
 President Duterte tagged De Lima having an involvement in illegal Drug Trade and her alleged lover which is her driver is her "bagman"for the drug Money.

Ronnie Palisoc Dayan was the named of her driver, and owning a 2 story white house mansion located at Pangasina Province and meter away from the Mansion was the Orange Bungalow where his family live.

The village chief of Brgy. Galarin confirm the ownership of the said to Mansion, but was not sure if that was funded by the Senator.

The Galarin neighborhood was tight-lipped about the private lives of Dayan and De Lima when the Inquirer visited the village on Thursday.

Dayan’s neighbors would neither confirm nor deny the President’s allegation that the two-story house was De Lima’s gift to her driver.

Urbiztondo (population: 47,831 in 2010), is a third-class agricultural town located between San Carlos City and Mangatarem town in the southern part of the province.

A neighbor, who claimed to be Dayan’s nephew, said De Lima’s driver was a good man who would often treat them to a party whenever he was in the neighborhood.

The Inquirer could not immediately confirm these details, as no one had opened the gates of the orange house when it came calling. But a car was parked in the driveway and a dog cage stood on one side of the house.

At the white house, the Inquirer saw five motorcycles and a small truck in the garage.  A neighbor offered to call Dayan, but he, too, did not get any response from the driver.

The village chief claimed that De Lima would stay in Dayan’s house whenever she visited the town.
“I knew she was around because people would tell me that she was here,” Licuanan said about the supposed visits when 

De Lima served as justice secretary under former President Benigno Aquino III.
The last time she visited the village was in December last year, when she distributed some gifts, Licuanan said.


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