Look: Photo Of Sen. Bongbong Marcos While Catching POKEMON Garnered Different REACTIONS!


Pokemon Go is now a viral reality game app in Philippines, students and professionals are spending time catching  Pokemon on real life location that was introduced last August 6, 2016.

In a Facebook account of Sandro Marcos he shared a photo of his father Sen. Bongbong Marcos who is also playing and catching Pokemon.
“Dad trying to catch his first Pokemon!” Sandro said in a caption of one of the photo being posted
That picture of the Senator catches attention of netizens and commented:
“Ang cute ng mag-amang ‘to. Tatay ko rin naglalaro ng Pokemon GO,”MV said.
“Relax din ‘pag may time! Iyan ang sikreto kaya looking good (handsome) pa rin siya. We love Marcos family! Forever!” said R.V.
“Why so cute, sir bongbong?” commented by M.E.
Some asks out of curiosity, what kind of pokemon did BBM catched? and they wishes to be one of BBM's son because of his being cool dad.
But, unfortunately BBM was not saved by receiving negative comments because of that posts.
“While people are busy conducting protests against the burial of late F. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, here’s his son, BBM, trying to catch his first Pokemon. Wow! (Slow clap),” said J.T.
“Awwwww buti nakakita siya! ‘Yung mga biktima ng Martial Law ‘di pa nakikita ng mga kamag-anak nila,”another comment from LG.
As of posting, the photo garnered 34,000 Facebook reactions 400 comments and 1500K  shares.
source: balita.definitely filipino

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