LOOK:Check Your Fingerprints and Find Out Your Unique Character and Habits!!-Well See.....

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Patterns on the fingertips can be interspersed in several ways, and each speaks about the character and habits of the individual. Look at your index finger and determine what type of person you are.

Scientists have studied fingerprints and understand how their appearance reveals a lot about the characteristics and behavior. It is about how the lines on fingerprints are arranged, weaving … You only need to look at your index finger.
These are three forms:

The loops are the most common pattern of the fingerprint in Europeans, and represent a calm and balanced person. People with such fingers are compassionate and willing to help others. Also, easy make friends, they are hardworking and responsible, but rarely take the initiative. Their main source of information and feelings is interaction with other people.
They are emotionally predictable and open heart for everyone. In addition they are often good or even excellent health, although they can sometimes be sickly in childhood. People with such fingertips adorned with optimism, but they cannot bear to do a job that does not interest them. They have a vivid imagination, tend to be dreamers, and sometimes they are too naive.
People with such lines of the fingers are energetic and self-confident. Their safety can be seen by all – posture, gait, gestures, and manners. They are sometimes obstinate and very rarely will change their opinion or admit that they are not right. Such people generally have trouble adjusting their environment; they do not care too much other, and often use others to achieve their goals. On the other hand, appreciate art and music. Although they have a “hard” character, are loyal and will never give up his friends.
People with these lines are irritable, but not grumble. They are very talented, quickly understand and are always willing to analyze their environment. They often start several jobs at once and give up half way because they lose interest. Such people are usually “explosive” and unstable, unpredictable and are prone to hiding their real feelings and thoughts. Often they are unhappy with themselves and doubt everything and everyone. They are phlegmatic, and their speech is quiet, a bit slow and expressionless. If you have these patterns on both index fingers, then you are born thinker. They are often prone to programming, legal and research. Basically, these people have a versatile and complex personality, and sometimes are not even aware of how much they are capable of anything.

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